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Clever Shirts for the Young and Old

Have fun exploring our youth t-shirts that express, inspire and educate kids (just like us) in clever ways. Make sure to check out our funny youth t-shirts that make our friends laugh.

We also offer custom shirts in adult, youth and toddler sizes as well. Just contact us for details.

Why Are We Called Big Brain IQ?

At home or out with friends, if someone does something really smart or says something clever, we say that they have a "Big Brain IQ". Basically, it means smart and we think being smart is cool. So we named our cool t-shirt company Big Brain IQ so all kids could show off how big their brains are (aka how smart they are)!


I absolutely love these shirts for my children. These are a great way to express the type of empowering words our kids need to hear. Great job boys!

Felicia T.

So proud of these 2 boys for starting their own company! Excellent selection of shirts that my kids love wearing to show off their big brain IQs!

Maranda M.